The last couple of weeks have been busy with finals around the corner, but we finally got around to completing another portrait! This time it was assembled in the Campus Center, a central building with lots of traffic, so heaps of people got to see it! Exciting!

Keep checking for updates, more photos and some finished products!


Here’s a quick glimpse at our first portrait (and a little of how we did it)! Check it out- you even get a quick glance of the final product!

Yesterday was a sucess!
Here’s a little look at the process that we underwent yesterday. We were able to finish the first portrait in one day, although there were a few struggles that were a bit unanticipated. 

Coffee grounds and small pieces of trash on the face. Color photo projected.

Keep watching for a photo of the final product, it was looking pretty sweet!

This is a trailer for the movie that follows the original work Waste Land by Vik Muniz, our inspiration for this project.  We consider our work on Consu(M3)d a response to his work. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight to the process we will be using.

A couple of Muniz’s finished pieces:

This is Erica. One of us [creators].  This is the photo that we will be using for our first portrait! The way this is going to work is that from above, we will project the image onto the ground.  First the black and white image will give us good sense of outline and shaded areas on the face.  After we get the basics down, we’ll go back with the color photo and start filling in the other areas with big pieces of trash/ recycling.  Hopefully by the end, we’ll have a beautiful portrait of erica made completely out of consumed items.  Sounds fun doesn’t it!


Welcome to our blog!
Thanks for taking interest in our newest art venture. We’re really excited to start this project. We have been planning and trying to figure out exactly where we want to take this project, and we think we’ve found our direction!

After much planning and replanning due to rain, ect… we have decided on a day and location for the assembly of our first portrait…

we will be assembling in the Studio Theater on Saturday October 15th

…starting around 1 p.m. and working For a few hours. Stop by and check out what we’re doing, bring us some of your trash/ recycling, or just keep us company! It should be a fun time. There are 3 gallery openings Saturday, starting at 4 p.m. in the Margaret Martin Gehman Art Gallery.  Slip into the Studio Theater to see our progress in between these show, Saturday night before or after The Importance of Being Earnest, or as you meander into Common Grounds. (It will be around Sunday too, so if you can’t make it Saturday, stop by Sunday!)